Sevial Drugreel

Nightmares. Where do they come from?
A source of confusion or anxiety for most, but nightmares may serve a very beneficial purpose.
They may even be crucial to our survival, otherwise evolution would have done away with them by now.
To help your brain cope with these subconcious phenomena, there is a new and unique tool: THE ULTIMATE DRUG.

Discover it in this Drugreel by Sevial.

Creative direction: Andrea Di Liddo “Sevial”
Copywriter : René Olivo
Voice Over : Tom Caridi
Recording : Alex Santilli of Spice House Sound
Sound Design: Carlos Zarattini

Music : El Tigr3 – “She Swallowed Burning Coals”

People should seek medical help if their nightmares are carrying over into the daytime,

or if they have developed an overall fear of going to sleep.