Spike Xmas 21
Spike TV

One cold night we received a phone call…
It was Spike Tv Italy asking us to get even crazier this Christmas. And we love going crazy!

So this cold winter we looked for Spike’s hottest fan; and guess who it was?
The main man behind Christmas; the one and only SANTA CLAUS!
Santa is a true Spike fan, a real connoisseur of the channel asset and he knows how to have fun during the holidays!
From the never ending adventures, through the sin cities and to the heroic colosseum.

Ho ho ho! Here’s the Spike Xmas 2021 Campaign!

Art Direction: Andrea Di Liddo, Federico Epis, Marco De Masi, Federico Bressan
Illustration: Federico Epis & Marco De Masi
Animation: Federico Bressan & Andrea Di Liddo
Sound Design: Carlo Valsesia
Main Supervision: Massimo Federico
Creative Project Manager: Ramona Creola